I don’t have a pile of hockey knowledge packed away in this fantastic brain of mine. I leave the musings about stats, and what happened in the 5th minute of the first period of game six in the 2006 SCF to the eggheads (yes, the very same ones who write at my home website OilersNation). But I remember the glory days. I have a whole bunch of those triangular flags from the ’80s when we were, you know, Stanley Cup Champions. And I get why Edmontonians harp on those memories: those memories are hard to forget… and painful to remember.

And they’re memories we’d like to have more of, just like any other team in the NHL. Given this knowledge, and the fair assumption that Steve Tambellini and the rest of the Oilers management should want that very thing, the question presents itself: just what the hell is going on in Oilcity this summer, aside from nothing?

Every failure to make a move; every leaked tidbit of Penner, Cogs and Smid being traded; even the tit-for-tat exchange of Roloson for Khabibulin brings the Oilers back to the drawing board. We’re still lacking the key ingredients of change: strength and goal-scoring.

The more things change…

So we go into the upcoming season basically the same club that failed to make the playoffs last year — at least at the time of my writing this. And this lack of action has caused a stir among fans once more. The ever expanding Oilogosphere has a new team of hooligans to provide their take on the shortcomings… and hopefully — when the Mighty Oil get their stuff together — whatever the opposite of shortcomings is.

Welcome to An Oilers Refinery. Now cross your fingers Oilers Management can refine their plan of action before 2009/10 gets underway.

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