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I’m sure you’ve heard of Brandon Dubinsky. (Height 6.01 — Weight 210 — Shoots L, 24 Years Old)

13 – 28 -41; 112 PIM

251 Hits (7th, trailing Milan Lucic at 6th)

Faceoffs: 53.6% on 870 draws taken



CORSI +13.1

He’s currently an RFA with the New York Rangers. Rumours have it that the two sides are far apart on a new deal even though the Rangers are really high on this young checking center.

His boxcars last season were pretty good for a guy who was playing behind Gomez and Drury, though the only Oilers player (who played more than 10 games) who faced tougher competition was Shawn Horcoff. His stats indicate his linemates were pretty decent, as both Dubinsky and his right hand man Ryan Callahan cracked the top 10 in NHL hits totals. To boot, he has great faceoff skills.

Mind you, that Glen Sather and Dubinsky are far apart on contract talks is just pure rumour.

But if there was even a shred of truth to it, I’d be the first to call the Rangers about an offer.

Dubinsky is pretty much everything the Oilers have been looking for in a 3C. He’s pretty much the best free agent option available that’s not unrestricted (the other being Manny Malholtra).

He might be an even better option considering the Oilers wouldn’t be adding salary by acquiring him, since the Oilers would need to give salary back to the Rangers in order to sign him. He is an RFA, after all.

So since the Rangers have cap room, what would they realistically need?

A quick look at the Rangers roster produces the following observations:

2LW = Sean Avery or Aaron Voros

2D = Marc Staal and Daniel Girardi

The Rangers have a marked need for a physical D-man and a top 6 LW.

The Oilers have lots of those players that can fit that criteria, such as Nilsson, O’Sullivan, Cogliano, Staios, and Smid. Also, any combination that includes Staios would put the Rangers over the cap, meaning the Oilers would have to take some significant salary back. However, the Oilers just signed Smid to a new contract and O’Sullivan makes close to what Kotalik makes.

Though that makes trade possibilities look bleak, consider this:

I highly doubt the Oilers would acquire Avery but stranger things have happened. Also, consider that the Oilers have already tried to trade Cogliano and Smid once. That means there’s nothing stopping them from trading Rowbear and Steady Steve but loyalty and fat contracts.

I have a feeling the Rangers will find a way to keep Dubinsky around.

If not, however, here’s how I envision a potential trade:

Brandon Dubinsky, RFA (salary TBA) + Aaron Voros (1.000 M) + Paul Crowder (0.975 K)


Robert Nilsson (2.000 M) + Steve Staios (2.700 M) + prospect or draft pick

The acquisition of Crowder would be for cap hit or depth purposes only, kind of like picking up Dany Sabourin in the Garon trade. Another option would be to pick up Brodie Dupont instead of Voros or Crowder and give the Rangers Patrick O’Sullivan instead of Nilsson, but I’m pretty sure Pat Quinn and Steve Tambellini are really high on P.O.S.

Staios could help the young blueline on NYR and Voros would be able to give J.F. Jacques and Liam Reddox some competition for the bottom 6 LW positions. Furthermore, Nilsson would replace the retired Naslund (in spirit but not in skill) and KHL-bound Nikolai Zherdev.

It’s a win-win situation.

Horcoff Deserves Better


After reading David Staple’s recent blog post, I too felt “enough is enough” when it comes to Shawn Horcoff’s critics who criticize without any proof to back up their opinion. An opinion is nothing substantial without the requisite information to back it up.

So let’s begin.

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According to BTN, Here are the Advanced Stats Comparison of Three Familiar Names in the Oilogosphere:

DUSTIN PENNER LW EDM 27 78 11.71 0.92 -0.00 0.11 7.0 0.79 0.72 0.20 1.71 45 32 2.96 2.10 13
DANY HEATLEY RW OTT 15 82 14.97 0.21 0.04 0.00 2.2 1.17 0.64 0.39 2.20 59 64 2.88 3.13 -5
NIKOLAI ZHERDEV RW NYR 13 81 13.23 1.32 0.03 0.03 14.6 0.95 1.06 0.50 2.52 56 44 3.14 2.46 12

The highlighted column describes QUALCOMP, or Quality of Competition. As you can also see, Penner and Zherdev rape Heatley in terms of Advanced (+/-).

Dany Heatley salary = $7.5 M a season

Dustin Penner + Nikolai Zherdev salary = about $8.5 M or 9 M a season

Dany Heatley

6’3″ 216 lbs, scored 39-33-72

Main Comparison(s): Brett Hull

Main Criticism(s): Lack of heart, team spirit, etc.

Dustin Penner

6’4″ 240 lbs, scored 17-20-37

Main Comparison(s): Scott Hartnell, Ryan Malone

Main Criticism(s): Lack of heart, fitness, etc.

Nikolai Zherdev

6’2″ 197 lbs, scored 23-35-58

Main Comparison(s): Ales Hemsky

Main Criticism(s): Lack of heart, team spirit, etc.

As you know, the Rangers passed on paying him 3.9 M for one year as awarded by an arbitrator. Zherdev was seeking 4.75 M a year so I’m assuming his eventual settling price will be somewhere in that range, near the middle. Maybe 4.3 M or 4.5 M.


The Oilers are better off signing Zherdev and making salary cap room for both Zherdev and Penner than for Heatley alone.

Why, you ask?

  • Zherdev is a PP and SO specialist who can play on both your 1st and 2nd line
  • Penner plays PP, PK, and anywhere from your 1st to 3rd lines
  • Heatley is a guy who can play PP and only play on your 1st line
  • If one of Zherdev or Penner gets hurt, you’re not completely screwed
  • Penner has size that Quinn can utilize

This would give the Oilers a couple pretty decent scoring lines, especially with Penner and Gagner paired up and playing lesser oppositions they would probably kill the soft minutes. Here’s a preview:

Zherdev – Horcoff – Hemsky

Penner – Gagner – WHOEVER

Moreau – Pouliot – Pisani

Reddox – Brule – Stortini


The only problem for Tambellini … is making cap room right now. But it will cost the Oilers only 1 M to 1.5 M more than they would be paying for Heatley.

But if you ask me, it’s a no-brainer.


What a deal!

Some people were scoffing, saying that this was a poor replacement for Jiri Hudler on the Wings roster, but I see it differently. I think this is a good way to fill the vacancy left by Mikael Samuelsson, since they both Eaves and him play RW, whereas Hudler is a center and an occasional winger, and a douchebag.

Fine, he’s a skilled douchebag.

And how!?

Samuelsson is slated to make 2.5 M a year coming off a third line role in Detroit where he played behind guys like Daniel Cleary and Jiri Hudler. Sure, you can argue that the Red Wings group is as deep as anybody’s roster, but is he ready for a top-2 line role in Vancouver? Furthermore, Samuelsson has had a tumultuous career, with the seasons from hell in 2001-02, 2002-03, 2003-04 before finding success with the Wings in 2005-06.

How about Patrick Eaves?

Eaves is slated to make 500 K this season and that my friends is a 2 M discount. Though he’s coming off a subpar season, it’s nothing that Samuelsson hasn’t experienced himself. Eaves scoring prowess in his college years shows that he’s on pace at his age with Samuelsson’s early AHL production and SEL production, or exceeding it in potential. Even better, he’s younger than Samuelsson.

I’m unconvinced that Eaves cannot outstrip Samuelsson’s production once he hits the Wings roster, depending on whether he can stay healthy.

It’s a wonder the Oilers don’t find ways to lighten the accounting books and hire some cheap help so that they can make some big moves where they might necessarily have to take on salary to increase their offense.

I’m looking at you fellas, Blair Betts and Mike Zigomanis.


The league is looking into whether Marian Hossa’s contract with Chicago had some sort of illegal intent to its structuring. I think the league has better options than actively policing such problematic occurences.

It’s called prevention. Continue reading

The Task At Hand

Tyler Spurgeon getting dumped
Tyler Spurgeon getting dumped

The Oilers have are markedly lacking veteran presence on the bottom 2 lines but Ethan Moreau and Fernando Pisani are the old men on this forward corps. And then there’s always the multitalented Zack Stortini. This means the Oilers will be relying heavily on a lot of new horses to pull the defensive load.

I thought Tyler Spurgeon was a good bet until the Oilers let him go. So out of Brule and Pouliot, who do you think has a good chance of replacing Brodziak?

Now, which Oiler prospect do you think will be able to fill this role competently?

Do we even have one that can do it?

Tell us what you think!

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