Antonius's amazing photoshopping.

Antonius's amazing photoshopping

Jean-Francois Jacques is a 6.04, 220 pound forward who had the ability to dominate the game… until he got to the NHL.  In the QMJHL he had 179 points and 385 PIM in 261 games (0.69PPG).  In the AHL he has 102 points and 265 PIM in 146 games (0.70 PPG compared to Schremps 0.80 PPG status).  When it comes to the big show, JFJ has a abysmal 1 goal in 60 games so far. How come Jacques has such a double identity when it comes to the NHL?

For the Oilers, developing big guys has been hard for them, which resulted in the Penner offer sheet 2 years ago. Brad Winchester and Brad Isbister were 2 guys that were touted as the next power forward solution for the Oilers.  Isbister is off playing in the Swiss A league and Winchester is  alternatively playing for the St. Louis Blues and their farm team.   Winchester has 0.54 PPG  in the AHL currently and a steady drop to 0.11 PPG in the NHL.  Isbister had a career average of 0.41 PPG in the NHL.  Winchester developed through the Oilers system and developed below expectations.  Isbister came from Phoenix and a world juniors and declined steadily throughout his career.

Jacques is the next of kin for internal development of the power forward for the Edmonton Oilers.  This upcoming season for the Oilers could be his breakout year.  According to his Desjardins numbers, Jacques should score at a 12-14-26 rate over a 82 game season. Up till this time I believe he could do that and more.  I think Jacques in 2 years could easily surpass Moreau on the LW depth chart.

However there are 2 things that I thought could be holding Jacques back during his time in the NHL : MacT or Confidence Issues. Now that MacT is gone, that only leaves Jacques confidence as a problem.  So the question is, Is JF Jacques ready to go all in this season or is he gonna fold?