What a deal!

Some people were scoffing, saying that this was a poor replacement for Jiri Hudler on the Wings roster, but I see it differently. I think this is a good way to fill the vacancy left by Mikael Samuelsson, since they both Eaves and him play RW, whereas Hudler is a center and an occasional winger, and a douchebag.

Fine, he’s a skilled douchebag.

And how!?

Samuelsson is slated to make 2.5 M a year coming off a third line role in Detroit where he played behind guys like Daniel Cleary and Jiri Hudler. Sure, you can argue that the Red Wings group is as deep as anybody’s roster, but is he ready for a top-2 line role in Vancouver? Furthermore, Samuelsson has had a tumultuous career, with the seasons from hell in 2001-02, 2002-03, 2003-04 before finding success with the Wings in 2005-06.

How about Patrick Eaves?

Eaves is slated to make 500 K this season and that my friends is a 2 M discount. Though he’s coming off a subpar season, it’s nothing that Samuelsson hasn’t experienced himself. Eaves scoring prowess in his college years shows that he’s on pace at his age with Samuelsson’s early AHL production and SEL production, or exceeding it in potential. Even better, he’s younger than Samuelsson.

I’m unconvinced that Eaves cannot outstrip Samuelsson’s production once he hits the Wings roster, depending on whether he can stay healthy.

It’s a wonder the Oilers don’t find ways to lighten the accounting books and hire some cheap help so that they can make some big moves where they might necessarily have to take on salary to increase their offense.

I’m looking at you fellas, Blair Betts and Mike Zigomanis.