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(Photo from the CBC)

When I first heard that Ryan Smyth was retiring, it was the hot topic of the day not just among my friends and other hockey fans alike, but a hot topic for all Edmontonians. I had been expecting it for some time, but even then, I needed some time to digest the news. The weekend was defined by Smyth’s┬álast game and capped off by a classy move by Andrew Ference to let him truly retire as Captain Canada by giving him the captain’s “C.”


I didn’t feel the time was right to write – so I didn’t say anything at the time.


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Horcoff Deserves Better


After reading David Staple’s recent blog post, I too felt “enough is enough” when it comes to Shawn Horcoff’s critics who criticize without any proof to back up their opinion. An opinion is nothing substantial without the requisite information to back it up.

So let’s begin.

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