See that?

That’s faceoff specialist Marcel Goc at work. He was 58.2% on 570 draws last year.

He just signed a contract with I mentioned him as an option for the 3C checking role in a post back in the Strange Deadfellows days. He signed for a measly $550,000, a heck of a lot less than even Blair Betts would be asking for.550000

Marcel Goc had a Corsi better than any Oiler and the by at least 2.9 shots (Dustin Penner, at 7.0).

He didn’t face the toughest competition and wouldn’t be the best option for 3C but he would be a cheap option. He certainly would’ve been overqualified for the 4C position, at the very least.

Why all the inaction?

Tambellini needs to get to work pronto and put this whole Heatley thing behind us.

Make some moves.

Ditch some contracts.

Nilsson. Staios. Pouliot.

These are guys with some value around the league who have their skills duplicated elsewhere in the lineup. II don’t think it’s unfair to say that they are close to expendable.

It’s rather depressing to watch one administration replace the old one and keep making the same mistakes.

It might be a long season, Oiler fans. It just might.