The swan song of the NHL

  • Patrick Kane, young millionaire and poster boy for the new NHL and cover boy of the EA Sports NHL 2010 video game, is arrested for assaulting and robbing a cab driver over 20 cents. As per TSN, “Kane, a Buffalo native, had attended a press conference with the mayor to announce funding for a local rink earlier in the evening.”
  • The NHL loses Jeremy Roenick, one of the few outspoken NHL players who knew where to push the buttons and where to draw the line. He’s going to make a great color commentary guy.
  • Theoren Fleury is mounting a come back and the NHL continues to be a haven for celebrated troublemakers (Claude Lemieux) as opposed to the uncelebrated troublemakers (Chris Simon).
  • The NHL continues to shut out one of the most secure potential investors in Jim Balsillie, over what seems to be a grudge against his determination to acquire a franchise and move it back to Canada. It’s great to support small market teams but Phoenix has proven to be a large market incapable of supporting its team. There might be other bidders (Jerry Reinsdorf) willing to keep the team in the city but it doesn’t change the fact that there is insufficient infrastructure running through the Glenndale suburb. Business is business, and leave the personal feelings aside.
  • Tampering by the infamous GM Brian Burke continues as he trades a top rated hockey prospect to his friends in Anaheim for loose change. Is Tomas Kaberle next? Remember when Burke was adamant he “wasn’t” going to Toronto?
  • The NHL and the Tampa Bay Lightning can’t iron out the ownership issue and it’s been going on forever.